Monday, 12 August 2013

A Review of A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton

For the most part I enjoyed A Kiss of Shadows. Merry is a part fey in hiding in the human world. The beginning was great. There was mystery, cases to solve, people out to get her but she wasn't sure who. As the book progressed things got a little murkier...she was getting it on with some hot fey, but there were some super, super creepy moments. Think tentacle sex...

Much of the plot seemed contrived so Merry had to continue her sexcapades (but I'm not opposed to sex for convenience) so that might bother some people. To be honest I felt there were a few plot contradictions when it came to why and when, Fae can and can't use magic.

It's gritty and sexy and Laurell K. Hamilton has clearly set this up to continue (especially the sex) in the remainder of the series.

Is it for you?
IF YOU LOVE: In the end people who like dark UF Romance will like this.
IF YOU HATE: Creepy sex, then avoid this.

Rating = 4 out of 5
Characters 4
Plot 3
Voice 4
LOVE factor 4

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