Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Welcome! Our Blog begins today!

Welcome to our blog. What better way to start than to introduce ourselves and let you know why we are here. We will be posting our FIRST Book Review later today so please stay tuned!

This Blog is devoted to the reading and writing of romance and other closely related genres. If you are an aspiring writer expect to find links to awesome Write-tips, Writing advice and Writing opportunities such as competitions and Pitch Contests.

If you want to suggest any great Writing Blogs, Articles, Competitions or Contests we would love to hear your suggestions. Email bettinarosebooks(at) with the subject heading blog content suggestion.  We love to support aspiring writers and will happily promote other blogs that contain worthwhile information. Please be aware we may not use all suggestions. Our content will be carefully selected as to what is the most suitable and appropriate well balanced content at the time.

We will also be reviewing Romance and some Urban Fantasy, YA and NA
We subscribe to the philosophy that all writers are readers first, which is why we want to share our love of a good read. There is no better way to learn than by immersing oneself in written worlds. As for our reviews... Well, they will be honest. Our purpose is to celebrate books not trash writers but we can't promise that we will love everything. Our opinions are our own and to an extent they will be subjective. We will endeavour to rate all books fairly and according to the same criteria, but ultimately some books will resonate with us and some will not.
If you would like to recommend a book to be reviewed or you are a author or publisher you can email bettinarosebooks(at) with the subject heading book review recommendation
All email recommendations must contain;
1. The Genre
2. The Title
3. The Blurb
4. Publication Date/House
Indie Authors are most welcome BUT; Only polished and professionally edited self published books will be considered.
Authors/Publishers please do not send unsolicited copies of books. We will respond with a suggestion acceptance if we choose to review.
We will only be reviewing a limited number of books per month so we will be extremely selective on what we choose. We will not review all recommendations and cannot guarantee that all reviews will come from our recommendations.

We are ethical reviewers. This means that we will not accept payment or gifts (other than a copy of the book), nor will we be persuaded to write a review that is anything other than our true and honest opinion.


  1. Hi -- looks good, good luck!
    I don't see a 'follow this blog' button.
    Might want to install one.

  2. Thank you! There has been a bug with Gadgets today, but I will keep trying. I hope you enjoy our blog.