Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Review of Down to You by M. Leighton 4/5

Olivia Townsend is torn between two gorgeous identical twin brothers Cash and Nash. Cash is the quintessential bad boy that Olivia knows is all wrong for her yet feels so right. His twin Nash, wrapped in the same sexy package but without the bad-boy persona, might just be perfect. Problem is he is taken - by her cousin no less!

Ahh a love Triangle with a twist! We do love one of those, what it is that sucks us in? Down to You has established Michelle Leighton as my new favourite Indi Author. Even if I have not given it the almighty FIVE, for me it surpassed Sylvia Day Crossfire series. While I have not given this a FIVE and I do have some criticisms in the end it came down to the fact that I enjoyed this read and it had some really good points.

I enjoyed the voice of the writer and laughed out loud a few times. The plot it's self kept me turning the pages and I have to admit I was blown away by the twist. A few things I did not buy into- Olivia's trip back home for one felt off and unnatural for me, as did her reasons for not pursuing her own desires. Olivia could have used a few more likable characteristics although she seems to fit in with what is making for best selling heroines these days so don't let that dissuade you too much.
This is a 'insta-love' type romance which most people will either love or hate. I don't mind it as long as by the end I feel there is merit to the relationship. I did here, not all the way but there was enough that I wanted them to make it in the end.

At $0.99 this is a great value read.
Is it for you?
IF YOU LOVE: Crossfire Series, Fifty Shades (this is not BDSM), Beautiful Disaster this has a similar voice. If you are crazy for Love Triangles then this will deliver. If you just want scorching sexual tension a couple of great twists then this is for you.
IF YOU HATE: Nondescript heroines who all the boys love/want/need anyway then this is probably not for you. If you require complex layered characters and emotional depth and love that is truly earned, then look away. This is escapism, sexy romance people. It is not literary fiction or inspirational romance - so please don't expect to find it here.  

Characters 3/5 Plot 4/5
Voice 4/5

LOVE factor (possible 1 point Bonus) +.5
Rating = 4 out of 5

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